Sure You Can… But

Skies On Fire
Skies On Fire

Friends call and ask me, “Hey, how hard is it to build a website?”

I reply, “Not hard at all.”

“You think I can build my own business website?” my friend continues.

“Sure you can. What’s holding you back?”

“Work. But I need to get my woodworking shop on the Internet and soon.”

Wonderful. Great. More power to you. Go for it Dude.

A couple of weeks pass. My friend calls me, “Hey, business has picked up. I’ve got a dozen orders and some new products. I need to show the pictures. Also show some modified products for a slightly higher price. I need to change some of the old prices and post photos. Man, I didn’t know how much time this takes. Just to post photos. I need to be in the shop. I’ve got orders for picnic benches, chairs, and stools. Man, I don’t have time for this.”

The above scenario is not unusual. Nothing new here. So why don’t you just – at the very start – let us make your business website for you? We have a couple of slots left. By this we mean we are not taking on anymore new customers. We want to keep our turn-around time short for all requests: changes, additions, deletions, alterations, updates and what not.