Having a Hard Time Deciding?

IndecisionThinking about the Internet and how you can have your virtual presence in it? Thinking about being part of this virtual world where almost everybody’s been conversing, yakking, talking trash, babbling, chatting, engaging in dialogue, buying-selling-advertising goods and services and whatever else…? Wow! If that doesn’t graze and awaken your skin and make it sizzle… where have you been?

Listen. All over the airwaves, “Let us build you a website! For free!” The voice excitedly goes on and on. And it’s okay. These folks advertise their services just like everybody else and that’s cool.

But you – the discerning consumer hesitates. How can it be free? There is no free lunch?

You are wise to hesitate. How much is FREE going to cost you? Truly. Remember when they were giving smartphones away for free? Same thing. You must purchase air time to use those smartphones. You must subscribe to website service maintenance to keep the website operational. It costs money.

Here at WEBuenavista, we build and maintain your site for free in exchange for your services, or goods that you provide. It’s called barter. We build your site, you give us word of mouth support to your friends, family and colleagues. Maybe even to your church community. And if your goods are produce, hey, how about a basket of okra or fresh blueberries? Or eggs? Who knows.

Go ahead check us out. Make a decision. Fill out the contact form.