The Purpose of a Website

No job too small

No job too small

You’ve heard the expression, “Curb Appeal”. Realtors insist on curb appeal. This is one factor that brings prospective buyers to look at the property listed.

The same goes for a website. Eye-catching, filled with good information, easy on the eyes, beckoning, user-friendly. All these terms are great. But, bottom line is – what is it that you want your website to do for you?

Why a website? Well, a website could be a personal page – where you write down thoughts as a matter of daily routine. This kind of website you can do quite easily yourself. You can use Google, Yahoo, GoDaddy, Weebly, Bravenet, WordPress – there are many good service providers out there – mostly FREE.

Then you could have a personal business website. Approached with seriousness, this kind of website speaks for you and your business, your product, your contact information, your services offered, rates, etc. This kind of website you still can do yourself – quite easily – but then, as your business takes off, do you have time to maintain it? Time to keep the information fresh? Updated? Relevant? I doubt it. Would you ask your smart phone savvy 6-year old to maintain your business website for you?

Here is where we invite you to consider our offer to design, create and maintain your website. We can do a great job for you without breaking your piggy bank. If you have a service to offer, product to sell, a home business you want known, we will create your site, maintain it with decent, well-written content. At Web Buenavista no job is too small.