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Ola! By the way, Happy New Year.

cropped-room_additions1.jpg2020 is going to be one magnificent year – for many reasons! Trust me on this. Here are some reasons from my vantage point:

  • Many businesses, small – medium – large, will be launched this year 2020. The stock market will blast through the stratosphere.
  • Many people will continue to relocate – intrastate, interstate – even overseas. But one thing is for sure. Folks will go where the climate is salubrious most of the year, state taxes are low to none, and the state government doesn’t take your money and spend it on unhelpful social programs for the wrong people.
  • Many families and individuals will be buying homes to wherever they move. Some will rent, some will outright build new homes. The Real Estate sector of the economy will remain healthy and robust.
  • Many medical insurance companies will streamline their processes, procedures, and guidelines to remain competitive.
  • Many jobs will go begging. Hopefully not for long. There will be pockets of happy, productive members of local communities who will insist on peaceful living and strict observance of the rule of law.
  • Many folks who live in the far outlying areas, out in the country, or in the out-of-grid domiciles will become more technically savvy. Ai will be central in running the Internet of Things.
  • Best of all – many folks will begin to hydroponically grow their own food in their own homes, limited backyards and even up on the window sills of their condos and city apartment dwellings.
agriculture basil bunch cultivation
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And those are just a few reasons and personal observations. It says in the Good Book – “Don’t be downcast… look up, and behold. Your salvation is at hand.” (Gospel of Luke NABRE)

Listen. Do you need to get your business known and your brand developed? Now is a good time to get started with your own personal website… call me. Leave it to us. This will free you to do the deep thinking and conceptualizing for your business deliverables.

Sure You Can… But

Skies On Fire
Skies On Fire

Friends call and ask me, “Hey, how hard is it to build a website?”

I reply, “Not hard at all.”

“You think I can build my own business website?” my friend continues.

“Sure you can. What’s holding you back?”

“Work. But I need to get my woodworking shop on the Internet and soon.”

Wonderful. Great. More power to you. Go for it Dude.

A couple of weeks pass. My friend calls me, “Hey, business has picked up. I’ve got a dozen orders and some new products. I need to show the pictures. Also show some modified products for a slightly higher price. I need to change some of the old prices and post photos. Man, I didn’t know how much time this takes. Just to post photos. I need to be in the shop. I’ve got orders for picnic benches, chairs, and stools. Man, I don’t have time for this.”

The above scenario is not unusual. Nothing new here. So why don’t you just – at the very start – let us make your business website for you? We have a couple of slots left. By this we mean we are not taking on anymore new customers. We want to keep our turn-around time short for all requests: changes, additions, deletions, alterations, updates and what not.